Northern Chesapeake Sheltie

Adoption Application



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Which Sheltie are you interested in:          

Why do you want a Sheltie:   

How many dogs have you owned:           When: 

Do you still have them? If not, what happen to them:   

What role will this Sheltie have? (i.e. Pet, Watchdog, etc):   

Do you have a Veterinarian:                 Name:    

Do you have children living in your house:          Ages:   

Do you live in a (Select from list):               If renting, does the landlord allow pets:  

Do you have a fully enclosed fenced yard:            (We do not accept nor approve the use of electronic fences)

If no, how will the dog be exercised:   

Do all adults in the house work:             Is someone home during the day:  

What will you do with your dog during the day while you are at work: 

Do you intend to keep this dog primarily indoors or outdoors: 

Where will the dog sleep:  

Have you ever owned a Sheltie: 

Are you aware of their grooming needs and that some of them are barkers:  

Do you have a color preference:           Do you have a sex preference: 

Are you willing to take an older dog:             If yes, up to what age: 

Are you willing to take a Sheltie mix:  

Are you interested in information about becoming a foster home:  

Adoption Fee:  $300.00      Senior: $200.00      Puppies: $400.00