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  Why adopt a rescue Sheltie?

  Shelties lose their homes by no fault of their own. They are turned in by owners who move, divorce, or no longer have the time for them.  All shelties available for adoption have been spay/neutered; brought current on shots, and fostered in loving homes where they have been evaluated. We try our best to match them with a loving family that will care for them for the rest of their lives.

  How can I adopt a sheltie?

Please see our adoption application, and our adoption contract. We ask many questions, but we want to make sure you and the dog are happy. We ask that you have a fenced yard, and that you will make the dog a loving member of your family.  We will ask to visit your home, and to meet your children and other pets. Shelties are indoor pets, and respond to love and kindness.

What fees are involved?

Our adoption fee (in most cases) is $300.00. We may ask more or less depending on circumstances. In rare instances when we have puppies their adoption fee will be $400.00.

Please feel free to print out our adoption application and return it to us.  Any additional information you wish to include can be attached to the form. If you are interested in becoming a foster home, please include that too.


   Are always needed. They are the link between the dog’s past and future. Loving homes evaluate and stabilize the dog, and prepare him for his new family. Please contact us for details and more information.