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So, you want to adopt a rescue Sheltie:
Adopting a rescue Sheltie is a very admirable thing.   You are saving a dogs life, and you can feel very good about that.     

Our Shelties can come from a variety of situations.....most of which are less than ideal.   We get dogs out of Shelters, owner turn-in's,  dogs found running loose,  dogs who are abandoned because of their owners death...etc.    Rather than leave these dogs to die in a shelter, we take them in and address their needs.  We will treat any medical condition the dog has.  Then we spay and/or neuter the dog,  bring it current on all shots, and begin it on heartworm and flea protection.   The dog is bathed, groomed, and put into a foster home.   

Rescue dogs may or may not have some "issues" to work through.   These dogs are often very scared, and unsure of where they belong.  There may be some training involved, or some bad habits to correct.  Some of our really traumatized dogs may take 1-2 years to turn around.   However, rescue dogs usually have plenty of love,  affection and gratitude to give back.     And you will have the satisfaction of knowing that  you saved a dog.

Rescue dogs range in age from puppies to 13 yr. olds.   Everyone seems to want the young please consider opening your heart to an older dog.   They are so much harder to place, and most often are the best behaved.     They need homes just as much, if not more, than the younger dogs.

We do not have a shelter.  Our whole organization is made up of volunteer foster homes.  We have dogs in foster homes all over the state. is not possible to go to a "shelter" to see these dogs.   Each dog is fostered as an indoor dog, and is treated as part of the family.  We believe it is important to give a dog a feeling of belonging in a home.   Once you are approved to adopt, we will suggest a few dogs and make arrangements for you to meet them.

We do not place dogs in homes that we do not believe will work out..... so please respect our advice.  

Here are some general guidelines we like to follow:

  • We do not approve electric fences

  • If you have young children (under 6), please don't ask for a puppy.   Children can hurt puppies.   An adult dog could protect itself better from small children.

  • If you live on a busy street, we expect you to fence in your backyard before you get a dog from us.

  • If you are elderly, please don't ask us for a puppy.

  • If you are gone all day long, please don't ask us for a puppy.

  • If you cannot have a dog that barks, this may not be the breed for you.

  • If you are unsure as to whether you can commit to a dog for the rest of it's life, (regardless of whether you move, change jobs, or get divorced) then please rethink your decision to adopt a dog. Adoption is for the rest of the dogs life.

The first step to adoption is filling out a written application.  Once we review your application, someone from rescue will come to your home to meet you and your family. (We like to see where our dogs are going)   Once you have been approved, you may adopt a dog.

Now.... If by chance, you are looking for the "perfect" dog, please let me know right up front, and we will put you on our "perfect dog waiting list".....and we promise to call you as soon as the dog comes in.    

Also... if your idea is to adopt a rescue Sheltie, because you don't want to pay a breeders price,  please stop right here, because that is not what rescue is all about.  Rescue is about giving a dog a chance who otherwise would not get one.

If you have made it this far, and are still interested .....

We are a 501c(3) non-profit organization. Donations are badly needed and greatly appreciated. Every penny goes to pay for medical/dental care and and special needs to return these shelties to a healthy and happy life. All donations are tax deductible and secure through PayPal.. PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!
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